Curriculum Mapping Rubric

Creating this Curriculum Mapping Rubric was a product of whole group work in our MED 631 Curriculum Theory and Development class at Saint Martin’s University, in Lacey, WA, as part of the School Administrator Certificate program. This rubric shows the results of our research on our own and then summarized as a group. Curriculum Mapping In-Class Rubric

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Curriculum Mapping Software Comparison

As one with no experience with curriculum alignment or curriculum mapping, I came into this evaluation process as a novice. Having visited and “shopped” the options first on the websites, user-friendliness and easily accessible information. If I had to “buy” that day of website evaluation, I would have purchased Curriculum Mapper. I was much more informed about curriculum mapping and what a program would offer me with Curriculum Mapper than the other programs. The other sites had a lack of information which left me frustrated. I didn’t want to call the company and hear a sales pitch. I wanted to do research on my own (like one would do before buying a new car), and come in “armed and ready” with good questions–critical questions–when I did call. I was only ready for that with Curriculum Mapper.

The in-class sessions where we together evaluated programs was very valuable because each class member came from different backgrounds and experiences, which led to discussions of different perspectives as well. I enjoyed the responses of others in comparison to my own deductions about each program, and it caused me to evaluate my thinking.

The in-class sessions provided me with a rubric that I could use when formally evaluating this process. Just like Consumer Reports givesĀ us rubrics to decide on one product over another, this rubric helped us as a class define a rubric to use when comparing these three for potential purchase.

Were I to pursue purchase of a program, I would tend to use our results as a starting point. I would review “the numbers” and ask them specific questions about one vs. the other. I am intrigued by the entire process, and really see it as a “window” into my future.

Good luck, all!

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Blogging Beginning

The adventure begins…

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